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2013年2月 中国民主党全国联合总部 (穆文斌起草/徐文立、飞英校订/朱波翻译)

Human Rights Report of The China Democracy Party Members 2012

China Democracy Party

February 2013

(Draft :Mu Wenbin / Proofreading:Xu Wenli, Feiying/ Translation:zhu bo)


The China Democracy Party, founded on June 25, 1998, is Mainland China's major opposition party. It has been listed by the Public Security Bureau as an "enemy organization."

At the time, CCP leader Jiang Zemin said: "There is a recent trend of hostile elements at home and abroad colluding, plotting a so-called 'legitimate party' or using some other label to enact their scheme to form a party, when in fact they want to create a party in opposition to the CCP, eventually overturning the leadership of the CCP and the socialist system. We must maintain a high degree of vigilance against this kind of political ambition, at the first sign of trouble we must nip it in the bud, and we must thoroughly smash their plans with no leniency. If we allow them to do this, the Party and state will be finished." (Collected Works of Jiang Zemin, Vol. 2, p.572.)

However, truth and justice will finally defeat evil and lies. "The China Democracy Party (CDP) is a party of constitutional democracy, and its objective at the present stage is to advance the transformation of China's political system through peaceful and rational means, turning Mainland China into a progressive constitutional democracy. The CDP follows in the tradition of the Xinhai Revolution that established Asia's first republic, respects the 1946 constitutional convention establishing the Second Chinese Republic, and works to establish a Third Chinese Republic that is free and prosperous, enjoys human rights and equality, and is a constitutional democracy. The primary objectives of the CPD are: to seek to advance universal direct elections via a constitutional convention, strive for legitimate and independent seats at all levels of representative government and legislative organs, end one-party rule in China, and achieve the democratic transformation of China through peaceful means.

Because these appeals seriously challenge the CCP's existing core position, the CDP was suppressed by the Chinese government soon after its formation, and its principal leaders within China all suffered severe persecution, participants were sent to prison on all kinds of charges including "subverting the state system" and "incitement to subvert the state system." After this "thousand-year sentence," CDP activities were transferred from the public arena to a semi-underground state.

The National Joint Headquarters of China Democracy Party Second Overseas Representative Congress. held in the United States, attracted the affirmation and support of American politics and public opinion.

The CDP has endured the experience of its "thousand-year sentence," and stands strong 15 years later.

The CDP is the only political party for Chinese democrats that has branches in all major Mainland Chinese provinces and cities, as well as in every major democratic country in the world, working to improve the human rights situation in China, advancing China's peaceful democratic transformation and the establishment of a constitutionally democratic China.

This year, the National Joint Headquarters of the China Democracy Party has started publishing a 'China Democracy Party Members' Human Rights Report, publicizing the human rights situation of persecuted CDP leaders and party members in each province of China to the international community, including human rights organizations, the world's parliaments and governments, and news media. We thus call on the world's democratic countries to pay attention to China's human rights situation, and help push the cause of Chinese democracy forward.

Since the National Joint Headquarters of China Democracy Party is staffed by part-time volunteers overseas, this report is not exhaustive, and we respectfully ask for understanding and critiques both from colleagues inside China and from the international human rights organizations, parliaments, governments, and media.

Mr. Xu Wenli

Basic human rights situation of China Democracy Party members in 2012

Bai Xiaomao (Hunan): sentenced to 18 years, preparing appeal on health grounds

Bai Xiaomao was sentenced to 7 years in prison for “collective counterrevolutionary crimes" for taking part in the June 4, 1989 Democracy Movement. In 1999 he became Secretary of the Hunan CDP, which was in the planning stages, for which he was sentenced to 12 years on the charge of "subverting state power." After serving 18 years, he came out of prison in 2011 and indicated he would appeal on health grounds.

Chen Wei (Sichuan): currently serving 9 years in the disabled section of Nanchong Jialing Prison.

Chen Wei, student leader of 1989, currently in prison. Initially jailed following the events of June 4, 1989, and in 1992 was sentenced to 5 years for participating in the organization of the Chinese Liberal Democratic Party. Following release, he participated in Sichuan CDP organizational activities and was sentenced to 9 years in prison in 2011.

Chen Xi: health failing after many trips to prison

Chen Xi, a founding leader of the CDP, currently in prison. Sentenced to 3 years after participating in 1989 democracy movement. Sentenced to 10 years for participating in the organization of the CDP Guizhou branch. Released in 2011 and then sentenced to 10 more years for "inciting subversion of state power."

Chen Shuqing (Zhejiang): often called on, followed and monitored by police since release

Chen Shuqing, member of Zhejiang CDP Preparatory Committee. Detained on September 13, 2006. Sentenced to four years for "inciting subversion of state power" on August 16, 2007. Has continued to push for democracy since release. Often called on, followed and monitored by police since release.

Gao Hongming (Beijing): published articles continuing to advance the democracy movement

Gao Hongming, jailed for 2 years in 1994 on charges of "disturbing public order". In 1999, with Xu Wenli, Zha Jianguo and others, formed the "CDP Beijing-Tianjian Area Branch," and served as Vice-Chair. Jailed for 9 years on August 2, 1999 on charges of "subverting state power" after forming CDP United Headquarters with Zha Jianguo. Has continued to push for democracy since release. Often called on, followed and monitored by police.

Han Lifa (Shanghai): sent to reform via labor 8 times, accumulating 10 years

Han Lifa, member of CDP. Sent to reform via labor 8 times, accumulating more than 10 years, whilst being denied visits from relatives. Arrested in 2003 for publishing open letter to 16th CCP Congress.

He Depu (Beijing): summoned and raided by police many times since release from prison

He Depu, member of CDP. Jailed for 8 years in November 2003 on charges of "inciting subversion of the state system" for participating in organization of CDP Beijing-Tianjin Area Branch. He is an assistant to "independent popular representative candidates." Summoned and raided by police many times since release from prison.

Hu Mingjun (Sichuan): jailed for 11 years for "subversion of state power"

Hu Mingjun, from Sichuan, CDP member. Arrested and raided on July 8, 1999 by Chengdu police, along with Feng Daxun, Wu Siyu and Yang Weiyi. Charged with "subversion of state power" and sentenced to 11 years on May 30, 2002.

Kong Youping (Liaoning): no visitors in jail since being divorced by wife

Kong Youping, currently in prison. Jailed for 1 year in 1999 for participating in formation of CDP Liaoning branch. Arrested again in 2003 for organizing an independent labor union and publishing articles. Sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2004 for "subverting state power", reduced to 10 years on appeal.

Li Zhi (Sichuan): sent to jail for "subverting state power"

Li Zhi, of Sichuan, CDP member. Detained on August 11, 2003 on suspicion of "subversion of state power," arrested on September 9 of the same year, and sentenced to 8 years.

Li Wangyang, imprisoned for 22 years for supporting the 1989 democracy movement. Released on May 5, 2011 after serving full sentence, shortly afterwards transferred to Daxiang Hospital with worsening illness. On June 6 sister Li Wangling received advice from Daxiang District People's Hospital that Li Wangyang had committed suicide. On June 9 Li Wangyang's remains were forcibly cremated. Questions over whether he was "suicided" attracted attention inside and outside China.

Liao Shuangyuan & Wu Yuqin (Guizhou): illegally kidnapped, held under house arrest and tortured

Husband and wife Liao Shuangyuan and Wu Yuqin of the CDP Guizhou Committee, organizers of Guizhou Human Rights Forum, were placed under house arrest by police for more than 40 days on May 30, 2012. On January 1, 2012. Liao Shuangyuan was illegally kidnapped and tortured by the Guiyang Ministry of State Security.

Liu Shizun (Liaoning): placed under 24-hour surveillance by police

Liu Shizun, a CDP founder and 1989 student leader. Worked with Xu Wenli in 1998 to organize CDP, and became Beijing-Tianjin Area Branch Secretary, Dalian Branch Chair, etc. Sentenced to 6 years in 2000. Beginning in May 2009, police placed him under 24-hour surveillance.

Liu Xianbin (Sichuan): wife Chen Mingxian prevented from leaving China to visit daughter

Liu Xianbin, Chinese human rights activist and CDP Southwestern Area chief, currently in prison. Sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in 1989 for "counterrevolutionary propaganda incitement". Sentenced to a further 13 years' jail in August 1999. Continued to participate in human rights activities following release in November 2008, and on March 25, 2011, Liu Xianbin was sentenced to another 10 years in jail for "inciting subversion of state power."

Lu Gengsong (Zhejiang): arrested and raided for drafting a letter to Xi Jinping

Lu Gengsong, from Hangzhou in Zhejiang, CDP member. Jailed for 4 years on February 5, 2008 for "inciting subversion of state power". Detained and raided in November 2012 for drafting a letter to Xi Jinping.

Mao Qingxiang (Zhejiang): warned and summoned by police multiple times

Mao Qingxiang, member of CDP. Hangzhou dissident Mao Qingxiang was detained and summoned by Hangzhou police on January 8, 2013. police warrant specified "suspicion of inciting subversion of state power," related to Hangzhou CDP gathering and support for Southern Weekend.

Ning Xianhua (Liaoning): poverty and illness combine to destroy labor capability

Ning Xianhua of Shenyang, head of CDP Liaoning. Took part in 1989 democracy movement. In 1998 participated in formation of CDP Liaoning branch, and sentenced to 12 years in 2003 for "subversion of state power", reduced to 7 years on appeal.

Qin Yongmin (Hubei): unable to marry, disappeared for 44 days during 18th CCP Congress

Qin Yongmin, a founder of the CDP. Illegally detained 39 times in the 43 years from 1970 to 2012, and spent 22 years in prison, becoming the longest-serving political prisoner since the Deng Xiaoping era began. Marriage cancelled in 2012 after authorities prevented him from getting a marriage certificate.

She Wanbao (Sichuan): suffering illness, following and detention since release from prison

She Wanbao, sentenced to 4 years for participation in 1989 democracy movement. Helped form CDP Sichuan branch in 1998, jailed for another 12 years in 1999. Released from Nanchong City's Chuanzhong Prison on March 6, 2010, ailing with illness, nowhere to stay, and ongoing following and surveillance.

Wang Bingzhang (In Guangdong): has suffered many strokes since being locked up for life in solitary confinement

Wang Bingzhang, Chinese democracy movement policitian, CDP founder, currently in jail. Kidnapped near the Vietnamese border in June 2002. Given life sentence in February 2003 on charges of “undertaking espionage activities for Taiwan and organizing and leading a terrorist organization.” Currently serving sentence in Shaoguan Beijiang Prison. Kept in solitary confinement for many years, leading to many strokes.

Wang Rongqing (Zhejiang): released on medical parole, detained in police station after inquiring about pension

Wang Rongqing of Zhejiang, a founder of the CDP. Participant in 1989 movement, and in the founding of CDP in 1998. Jailed by authorities for 6 years in 2008. Contracted uremia and life-threatening kidney problems in jail, released on medical parole but has no means of support.

Wang Sen (Sichuan): developed diabetes in jail

Wang Sen, from Sichuan, participated in June 4, 1989 democracy movement. After 1998 crackdown on CDP formation, Wang Sen, Hu Mingjun and others organized CDP Sichuan branch and Dazhou City Bazhong Area Committee. Handed 10-year sentence in 2002 for "subversion of state power."

Wang Donghai (Zhejiang): suddenly died of heart disease after years of surveillance

Wang Donghai was a founder of the CDP. Sentenced to 2 years' jail after the June 4, 1989 incident. Placed under surveillance ever since June 25, 1998, when, along with Wang Youcai and Lin Hui, he went to the Department of Civil Affairs to submit an application for the formation of the CDP Zhejiang Committee. Passed away in 2012 of heart disease.

Wu Yilong (Zhejiang): harassed and searched by Ministry of State Security many times

Wu Yilong, from Zhejiang, freelance writer and CDP member. Jailed for 11 years in 1999 for participating in formation of CDP. Released in 2010, but has continuously been restricted by police, raided, and forced to return to Anhui Province.

Xie Changfa (Hunan): sentenced to 13 years in Chishan Prison

Xie Changfa, head of Hunan CDP, currently imprisoned. Sent to reform through labor for 3 years after participating in June 4 movement. Arrested in 1998 for establishing "CDP Hunan Preparatory Committee." Arrested again in June 2008, and sentenced to 13 years in 2009. Imprisoned in Chishan Prison.

Xu Wanping (Sichuan): wife beaten on visit, seriously ill yet refused medical parole

Xu Wanping, currently in jail. Sentenced to 8 years for participation in planning of China Action Party in 1989. Arrested again in 1998 in planning stages of CDP, sent to reform through labor for 3 years. Handed 12-year sentence in December 2005 for "inciting subversion of state power." Seriously ill yet refused medical parole.

Xu Guang (Zhejiang): locked up by Ministry of State Security for no reason

Xu Guang, CDP member. Xu Guang, Wang Youcai and others formed Hangzhou CDP in 1998, handed 5-year sentence in September the following year for "conspiring to subvert the government." Locked in 80cm iron cage, urinated and defecated on and beaten by other inmates under the direction of prison authorities.

Xue Mingkai (Shandong): sentenced to 4 years for "subversion"

Xue Mingkai, member of CDP, currently imprisoned. Arrested in 2009, sentenced in 2010 to 1 year and 6 months in jail. His mother was sent to reform via labor for petitioning on behalf of her son. After his release, Xue was detained again for investigating the Qian Yunhui murder case, and sent to Shandong Prison for 4 years for "subverting state power."

Yang Tianshui (Jiangsu): health deteriorating in prison, medical parole request rejected

Yang Tianshui, CDP member, currently in prison. Handed 10-year sentence in 1990 for participating in 1989 June 4 movement. Rejoined democracy movement following release in 2000, and jailed once again for 12 years in May 2006. Afflicted by several illnesses since his return to jail, application for medical parole rejected.

Zha Jianguo (Beijing): subjected to long-term detention, "invited" to leave Beijing during 18th CCP Congress

Zha Jianguo, one of the founders of the CDP. Tried in July 1998 on charges of "subverting state power" for working with Gao Hongming and Xu Wenli to establish "CDP Beijing-Tianjin Area Branch" with the intention of toppling the CCP regime, later sentenced to 9 years' jail. Restricted for many years since release from prison, and "invited" to leave Beijing during the 18th CCP Congress.

Zhang Lin (Anhui): summonsed for disturbing social order after paying attention to Li Wangyang's plight

Zhang Lin, a leader of the June 4 1989 democracy movement, and member of CDP. Jailed for 2 years following the events of 1989. After release from jail, he was sent to reform via labor for organizing "Laborers' Rights Protection Alliance." Joined CDP in 1998, later sent for 3 more years' reform via labor. Has accumulated 13 years in detention.

Zheng Yichun (Liaoning): severely restricted since release

Zheng Yichun, CDP member. Participant in 1989 democracy movement, during which work unit terminated Zheng's teaching credentials. In 1998 participated in CDP party organizational activities, detained in December 2004 for "inciting subversion of state power." Sentenced in July 2005 to 7 years. Subject to severe restrictions since release.

Zhou Zhirong (Hunan): disappeared for 82 days after paying attention to Li Wangyang case

Zhou Zhirong, an organizer of CDP Hunan branch. Participated in 1989 democracy movement, for which Zhou was sentenced to 5 years in jail. Handed another 1 year and 6 months in 2006 for working with displaced Three Gorges residents to petition Beijing. Disappeared for 82 days from September 2012 after investigating Li Wangyang's "suicided" cases.

Zhu Yufu (Zhejiang): tortured in jail, body extremely weak

Zhu Yufu, a founder of the CDP in 1998. Participated in 1978 Hangzhou Democracy Wall movement and 1998 CDP preparatory work. Sent to jail for 9 years. Detained again in 2011 for openly supporting the Jasmine Revolution, and sentenced to 7 years in 2012.

Zhu Zhengming (Zhejiang): warned by Ministry of State Security without reason

Zhu Zhengming, of Zhejiang, was an important member in the formation of the CDP. Detained at the end of 1999, and sentenced in 2000 to 10 years in jail for "subverting state power." Has had no opportunity to work since being paroled in 2006, due to police threats, and often warned by police when performing normal activities.

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